Mixed Seeds ~ 11 Per Pack

Mixed Seeds ~ 11 Per Pack

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When they are fully finished, seeds tend to fall out of the plants and I end up with a mix of seeds on my drying room floor, and instead of trying to guess what they are, which I never ever do, I simply put them a container marked “Mixed seeds” and give them away as gifts.

The April 2020 seed mix you receive will be any of the:


Skunk x Haze

ON Haze x Haze

GDP x Haze

(SLH x JH) x Haze

(OG Kush x ON HAZE) x Haze

(Superglue x ON Haze) x Haze

((NL#5 x Haze) x Sensi Star) x Haze

A rule of thumb is that the smaller the seed, the more Equatorial/tropical (sativa) it is and the thicker the seed, the more Northern (Afghan) it is.

Regular Seeds

$4.54 per seed, 11 seeds per pack for $50.00

On average there are 50 seeds per gram of "Indica" and 70 seeds per gram of "sativa”.