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Cambodian genetics from Mel Frank's 2019 garden.

Good News/Bad News:

I picked up more Cambodian seeds, but I could only get 120 seeds, so there are only 24 packs of 5 seeds available. 

Please limit your purchase to just 2 packs (10 seeds).

Regular Seeds

5 seeds per pack. $50.00 per pack.

From Mel Frank:

"These seeds were brought directly from Cambodia and were gifted to me in a seed exchange. Four seeds were started in early June and this female was selected for pollination. I harvested branches selectively during October. This female had a lot of red/purple color and good colas for a tropical variety. Hand pollinated by a single brother that had excellent form with good height and width, and with long branching much like the mother, but with no red/purple on flowers or stalks.

I didn’t see any powdery mildew. Bud worms were the only problem that needed attention with regular Bt spraying. The red cups at the base of the stem have Tanglefoot, a long-lasting sticky substance, covering the cups’ rims to prevent any crawling pests from reaching the stalks.

I had a very late start last year, with all my plants being germinated in June. The progeny will be considerably larger given a longer season and better growing conditions as this location only gets about 5 hours of sun."