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Hawaiian Lights x NL#5

Hawaiian Lights x NL#5

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Hawaiian Lights x NL#5
(Purest Indica x NL#5) x NL#5
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10x Seeds Per pack - $100.00

I received Hawaiian Lights from Seattle Greg, and was told that it was his selected Purest Indica crossed with his NL#5 male and watching it grow next to the Northern Lights #5, I can easily see the resemblance of the NL#5, but it has a more earthy scent from the Purest Indica. 

I slipped a few of the Hawaiian Lights females into the NL#5 flower room and have a limited amount of these seeds to share. 

Unfortunately I failed to take photos of the variety while flowering, but it was absolutely beautiful and was definitely a very nice mix between the "Purest Indica" and the Northern Lights #5.