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Ultraviolence (CBG) x ON Haze

Ultraviolence (CBG) x ON Haze

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Ultraviolence (CBG) crossed with ON Haze.

From Seedfinder: "This cultivar produces flavors of orange sorbet, fruit, doughy cookies, and gas. It can produce highly psychoactive results if harvested early. The potency of ultra violence has been compared to the difference between beer and grain-alcohol -- this one is certainly not for beginners! It has been tested at 1.3% cbg, 0.44 % thcv, and 22% thc. The high thcv and thc values can result in profound experiences and a roller coaster-like high when taking concentrated forms of this medicine."

5 Seeds Per Pack ($10.00 ea seed)

Flowering time is 10 to 12 weeks