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When the cannabis taxonomy was first being written in 1753, Carl Linnaeus was essentially aware of only one type of cannabis: the European hemp variety of Cannabis that he added the suffix “sativa”, which at the time simply meant to grow or to sow. This type of cannabis was used industrially for ropes, cloth, paper, paints and varnishes, but surprisingly, not for the drug content.
Tune in to this engaging podcast episode where Todd McCormick, a seasoned cannabis activist, shares his inspiring journey and experiences advocating for the plant and community. Gain insights into the challenges he faced, victories achieved, and the future of the cannabis industry. Whether you're a cannabis enthusiast or curious about the activism behind it, this conversation is sure to enlighten and educate. Don't miss out on this conversation with a true pioneer in the world of cannabis activism!

There are quite a few episodes of TalkingCANNABIS on YouTube in the live section of the channel that you may enjoy.

This particular conversation includes Mel Frank and Jeff Lowenfels, as well as Tom Alexander and Skunkman Sam.

After our success with the 2008 release of The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, we decided to make another documentary focused on legalization.