What is Original Haze?

What is Original Haze?

Original Haze was first bred in 1969 in the Santa Cruz Mountains by a gentleman named G.

G exchanged seeds with Skunkman Sam who saved the variety and turned the world onto Haze.

I begot the variety directly from Skunkman Sam and they are the original 3 way Colombian Haze that was first bred in 1969 in the Santa Cruz mountains by Sam's neighbor "G". Sam kept them through IBL breeding since the 70's to preserve the variety.

This variety contains no Afghan/Indica, it is unlike most everything in modern day cannabis.

Please note: Original Haze is an amazing variety that is best used for breeding. You will no doubt find some wonderful examples of Haze, but do note that there is a lot of variation in the variety and that is what makes it such a great plant to breed with.

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Some photos of Original Haze in various stages of growth.

Original Haze Flower

Original Haze Leaf