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Authentic Genetics Seed Company is the home of Todd McCormick and Mel Frank's personal seed collection.

Curated by cannabis cultivator Todd McCormick, this unique library of genetics spans his more-than-35 years of experienced of breeding and selection. The seedstock available in this catalogue are bred to be the most authentic representations of the varieties listed.

As for the Skunk No.1 seeds, they were begotten from Skunkman Sam by Mel Frank in 1988, Mel Frank reproduced them in 1996 and again in 2010, Authentic Genetics has seeds from both years and they are $20.00 each in very limited quantities. 

Also, please note:
When people talk about "Roadkill Skunk", what they are really talking about is Afghan: it smelled acrid, and skunky (like a North American Skunk dead on the side of the road). In the 70’s, a lot of cannabis that was crossed with Afghan smelled stank, much like a dead skunk and people bred away from it, and instead choose plants for the sweeter and spicer tones that were more aromatic and pleasurable, and also, did not get their garden easily discovered.

Afghan varieties are also more leafy and comparatively to more tropical varieties, they have lower THC, and in turn, all of our collective breeding for higher THC as well as a higher bract to leaf ratio, meant that we (the entire cannabis community) inevitably bred away from the stinky Afghan characteristics.

Skunk #1 started in the 70’s, as a combination of Afghan and Colombian, and then was crossed with Acapulco Gold, and indeed did start it's existence stinking like a skunk and hence begot it's name. But over time, the breeder, Skunkman Sam, bred subsequent generations for higher THC and a sweeter scent while also breeding for uniformity and consistency which is why since the early 80s, Skunk No.1, went from stinky to sweet, as did much of the cannabis that was originally bred with Afghan plants of the 70's.

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