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There are quite a few episodes of TalkingCANNABIS on YouTube in the live section of the channel that you may enjoy.

This particular conversation includes Mel Frank and Jeff Lowenfels, as well as Tom Alexander and Skunkman Sam.

After our success with the 2008 release of The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, we decided to make another documentary focused on legalization.
I receive a lot of email from new growers who are asking me really fundamental questions about how to handle their seeds and how to set up their grow so I figured I would take a few minutes and share with you the steps that I take when I sort through a pack of seeds.

I have been alerted to the fact that people have been using my identity on Facebook and Instagram to try and take orders for seeds that are ONLY available on this website.

I do not take any seed orders through email or ANY social media messaging.

You can only get these seeds through this website, I do not and will not process orders any other way.