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Sex determination in Cannabis is controlled in three ways - by genetic factors, by non-genetic factors, and by hormones. While genetics and hormones are huge, in this article we’ll focus on the non-genetic, non-hormonal factors that affect herming and that are largely within the grower’s control.

We’ve started hearing from our friends asking us to share what we know about HLVd and how we see it impacting the future of Cannabis cultivation, and of course we’ve been keeping a close eye on plant pathogens of all kinds for many years. We’ve reached out to our Authentic Genetics network to discover what other experienced growers are doing, and we’ve taken a look at the emerging and historical research on HLVd and other plant viroid pathogens of interest. 

Like almost everything else about growing excellent Cannabis, germinating your seeds successfully is pretty simple.
When storing seeds, use the same principles as when storing pollen: separate seeds from all vegetative matter. Separating seeds from very dry buds with a kitchen metal mesh strainer makes this quick and easy. 

Purple expressions in cannabis genetics are natural and are largely dependent on the flavonoids within the flower. 

Many people in the cannabis community wrongly think that flavonoids (or bioflavonoids; from the Latin word flavusmeaning yellow) have something to do with flavor, but in fact, it has to do with color.